When I talk about innovativeness, this is certain that I am not talking about stupid applications or spamming machines to increase your backlinks.

While there are many reasons which make you rank good at search engines, what brings things in competition is the number of links to your site by other sites called backlinks. You must have seen stupid premium applications that promise you to increase your backlinks. But you know and I know neither spamming your links nor paying these creeps would help you rank better at search engines. You will have to think innovatively for yourself to do something and no premium packages will help you out. You will have to think outside the box.

There are few things you might consider doing which will actually exponentially increase your backlinks

  1. If your site is in initial state, you should consider leaving comments at bigger blogs from same niche. Do not spam. Leave comments that actually make sense. This will create a backlink for you and will allow others to check out your new site too.
  2. If you have multiple sites, include a link to your other sites through footer. The footer appears on each page of your site and so the backlinks would be equal to the number of pages at that site.
  3. Keeping in mind the above process, I have an even better idea ;). Why not do something to reach the footer of other sites? That would increase your backlinks like numer_of_pages_on_one_site * number_of_sites. To reach the footer of other sites, you can think about creating a nice wordpress theme and mentioning in footer that theme is created by you. If you think creating a theme is not something you can do then I think you are missing this great free software to create wordpress themes easily for free. Suppose you created a theme that is used by 5 other blogs and all those blogs have 1000 pages each then that means you just made yourself 5000 backlinks. Reaching 5 blogs with a theme is a lot lesser than what you should target. You can target 100s blogs with 100s pages each and hence making yourself a million backlinks. Try submitting your theme for free to all major theme sites like WordPress themes directory, Templates Browser, Top WP Themes, Natty WP and many more (Search at Google).
  4. While gathering information to write an article, you go through lots of sites first. Try to link all those from your post. This will encourage others and them to mention the source of information always and hence encourage backlinking. This will also add a pingback or trackback to your blog from their blog. Trackback means whenever you link a blog from your posts that blog automatically mentions at it’s trackbacks that this post is linked from the following sites, creating a backlink for you.
  5. Think innovative. It’s always better to lead than to follow. Keeping in mind the above tips, try to create a method yourself, which might allow you to increase backlinks in such exponential way. Trust me that method will work best for you.

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