TrustGo Provides you with Adequate Malware Security for Free


Malware is pretty common amongst android users these days with absolutely no signs of diminishing rendering your personal information at risk and data at an immediate danger of corruption. There are many anti-virus applications that can serve to protect your android device but not all of them are up to par and able to defeat these viruses and malware since every single day new ones are appearing. You need to be extra careful with the applications that you install that are supposed to get rid of these viruses and make sure that they come from trusted vendors because at times, even these applications are a threat.

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Streaming Music Becomes Easy With Rdio


The world would be so beautiful if you could listen to your favorite music channels on the radio without those annoying advertisements. But nothing comes for free and so we have to bear with them. The annoying part is that a song sets your mood and it is completely destroyed by the following advert. On top of that, we have to listen to all that chatter for absolutely no reason. We put on radio to lighten the mood during a long, hard drive and all you get to listen are people talking, or those adverts. So what can you do about that?

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Swarm Over to Where The Party is With Swarmly


What happens with you during the day or the night depends pretty much on what you do, but most importantly it is all about the company you keep and the people you meet and spend time with. This particular application is meant to make sure that you meet the right people every time and have fun with them.

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Songza Lets You Create Music Playlists Based On Daily Activities


Music is the life and soul of people these days. Gone are the days of a radio when you would just turn it on and listen to whatever songs that were played. Now you have the ability to download all the songs you like and create your own playlists. The main difference between a radio and your own playlists is that on a radio you will not be able to choose a genre, or have your own playlist. To counter this, several applications were released that would let you select your genres, but even then you don’t get to choose your own songs.

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Pageonce Lets you Manage your Finances at a Whole New Level


Keeping a record of all your dues and debts and account balances can turn out to be a big headache and that is where this little application will help you big time. Pageonce will let you keep snapshots of all your account balances including the upcoming bills that you have due. It will allow you to manage payments to different credit card companies, utility providers, lenders and landlords etc. Apart from general management of all these payments you can also choose to make these payments using the application. On top of everything else it does for you, this particular tool is absolutely free.

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Todoist Is A ‘To-Do List’ App For iPhone, Android, Windows & Mac


If you are a procrastinator, this application will do you no good but if you like to make sure a task is done at the right time, read on. This application is available for free but it can go to around $29 per year depending on what you want to do with it. This particular application can keep your to-do list synced with different and several devices. There is a probability that you might not like this application because it is not for every single organized person out there. It is purposely built targeting a few features while others are completely ignored.

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Burn Note Literally Burns your Texts for Privacy

Burn Note

Are you one of those guys who make a journal? Are you into privacy and secrecy a lot? Do you feel like everything on your cellphone is your property and no other has the right to lay eyes on it? No matter what the case be, there are instances when there are things (texts, notes etc.) we don’t want other people to see. If that is the case with you, you might want to give this application a shot.

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Dashlane Is A Free Password Manager For Android, iPhone, Windows & Mac


There is absolutely no service you can use without registering first which means you have a host of usernames and passwords tangled up somewhere in your memory and honestly it gets really annoying at times. Sure it seems as if this is all about storing your usernames and passwords but Dashlane is a lot more than just your average password saver. It can secure more information than your average protector for instance, your contact information, notes, receipts, and even payment information etc. All you will ever need to access that information is one username and one password and everything will be open to you rendering the ‘forgot my password’ and the likes feature useless.

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Steve Jobs Dies [Tribute Video / Lifetime Photographs]


As Apple reported the unfortunate news today, Steve Jobs the man of innovation has passed away at the age of 56. Without a doubt, Steve has made Apple what it is today. He has worked all his life in achieving what he had for himself, Apple and everyone else who was related to him in anyway.

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Watch iPad 2 Apple Live Event Online

Yes the event can be both read and watched online live. There are some popular blogs who are covering this, you can follow them for now:

And that’s where you WATCH it live

We will bring you stories from the event once it ends.