Titanium Backup Pro Backs your Phone from A to Z [Root Required]

Titanium Backup

If you are an Android user, chances are you play with a lot and by playing I mean rooting your phone every now and then, deleting and installing applications and even changing your device. Well, if that’s the case you must always be on the lookout for an application that could actually back everything up on your device and restore it back exactly as it was prior to any changes you might have made. There is such an application and though it is not a new one, it certainly is the best one.

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TheftSpy is an Anti-Theft and Remote Control App for your Phone


We have previously covered anti-theft applications, but this one has loads of unique features to offer. It basically is a remote and an anti-theft device all in one. Unfortunately, these applications have become a necessity because, well, good phones do attract a lot of thieves. Anyway, read more about the application after the break.

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Give your Android a Mind of its own with Automatelt


This particular application is all about automating your entire android experience. The objective is to make your life a bit easier. All you need to do is download the application and set desired behaviors on events that might occur on your Android device. The application is available for free on the Google Play Store. The application is supported by android devices running OS 2.2 and up. There is a paid version of the application available at the play store that costs around £1.00. If you ever thought that you would want your phone to do some stuff on its own then this is the application for you.

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Schedule your Tweets, SMS, Facebook Status and Gmail E-mail with Schemes


Remember those times when your best friend or some important member of the family has their birthday or some major event and you have to wish them but forget or fall asleep? Every person I know has been through a similar situation once in their lifetime and they have always wanted an application that would automatically send the intended person a message on your behalf at the time and date of your choosing. Well, that is entirely possible but it is not limited to only SMS with the application we have for you today.

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Backup and Restore your SMS with SMS Backup & Restore

SMS Backup & Restore

There are loads of people who would usually keep a record of all messages that they send and receive. I myself have been there and done that most of the times. There can be several of reasons why you would do that but the point in the end is still the same; you would want a readable chronological order of your messages in a neat little format. There are many applications that might be able to save your messages for you but this particular application attaches an XML tag with the backup which allows you to open your conversations in a web browser.

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Order and Pay for your Food through Just Eat Mobile App


Are you aware of the annoying feeling when you are really hungry, and you don’t feel like cooking and you don’t even have credit in your phone to order some food? Chances are that if you are living on your own and are not a big fan of cooking for yourself, you will come face to face with this annoying feeling more than usual which is what brought us to the amazing mobile application brought to us by JustEat.

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PhotoChron Lets you Create a Video Photo Chronology


Sometimes when you are wandering around YouTube you tend to end in the weird area of YouTube that is filled with ‘interesting’ videos. I for one always find myself wondering exactly how I always end up in that area. Anyway, you might have come across videos that basically show a person growing and changing over the years and while the idea might have seemed interesting to you, you probably forgot about it in a few days. That is to say, if you ever thought of making one chronological video of yourself. There is an application available for your Android smartphone which can help you do that which minimal effort.

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SmartSilence Automates the Process of Putting your Phone on Silent


It is a common occurrence whereby a person would turn his mobile phone when you are in a class, or in a meeting, or sleeping or traveling via night coach with the unfortunate habit of not sleeping at night. While traveling here and there might not be all that common for you, you might just go to class or in a meeting pretty much every day. If not that, you at least sleep every night. The point here is that you toggle the silent mode on and off at least six or eight times during a day.

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Day by Day Brings Calendar and Google Tasks in One Place

Day by Day

If you are one of those users who basically use their devices as a personal organizer, indulging heavily in Google Tasks and Calendar then you might want to give this application a shot. It is called Day by Day and it has been developed by a member over at the prestigious XDA Forums.

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Add Six Dimentions to Tic-Tac-Toe Experience with Tic Tac Cubed

Tic Tac Cubed

One of the best games we used to play during our childhood was tic-tac-toe. Oh I am sorry, did I say our ‘childhood’? I meant, one of the best games to have existed all our life is tic-tac-toe and while you probably mastered many tricks in order to gain victory or at least a draw in your regular games, this particular application takes it to a whole new level.

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