Gapps (Google Apps) – Download Latest Gapps For Android


Gapps are the primary applications by Google that are already installed in your device when you buy and Android smartphone. You can find and update many Google Applications in the Google Play Store. These apps are usually always running on your device in the background. Some of these applications include Google Talk, Google Sync, Google Backup and Transport, Car Home, Google Maps etc. If you are looking for other Google applications, you can always download them from the Google Play Store.

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SuperBeam uses WiFi Direct to Transfer Files between Devices at Electric Speeds


Transferring files between android devices isn’t all the difficult using Bluetooth and all. But sometimes, there are instances when you are in need to transfer bigger files and Bluetooth can actually turn out to be really slow, moreover, it keeps you stationary (more or less) considering that in order to maintain the Bluetooth link you have to stay within a certain radius. There is a better and faster option for you to transfer files between your devices now and that better option is called SuperBeam which is a free application compatible with Android 4.0 and higher, and also available at the Google Play Store.

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How to Enable USB Debugging On Android Devices Running Android 2.x, ICS & JB

USB Debugging on Android 4.x

USB Debugging in Android is intended for development purposes only. You can use this development tool to copy data between your computer and your device, install applications on your device without notifications, and read log data. Not just that, it is also necessary for activities like rooting or installing custom ROMs on your device. Even if you are a non-developer, USB debugging will provide you with the level of freedom to access and control your device.

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How to Unlock Bootloader, Install Recovery, Root & Flash Custom Rom on HTC One


We at Rewrite Tech have put together a quick step-by-step tutorial on how to unlock the Bootloader, install Recovery, Root and flash any Custom Rom on HTC‘s flagship device for 2013, the HTC One (formerly known by the code name M7). You are required to follow each and every step carefully and make sure that you read the tutorial once before actually performing it on you device.

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