Quick View is a Quick Way to View Encrypted Documents on the Go

Quick View

Quick View is a free android application which serves as a companion to DigitalQuick. DigitalQuick is a service that would allow you to encrypt your files on your computer and on Dropbox. It also allows you to set permissions for what other people can do with your documents whether they can view them, edit them, copy them and print them or not. Quick View is a simple application that would let you view secure files on your Android device on the go and that too really quick which can serve as an appropriate too if you are carrying sensitive data in your phone.

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Backup and Restore your SMS with SMS Backup & Restore

SMS Backup & Restore

There are loads of people who would usually keep a record of all messages that they send and receive. I myself have been there and done that most of the times. There can be several of reasons why you would do that but the point in the end is still the same; you would want a readable chronological order of your messages in a neat little format. There are many applications that might be able to save your messages for you but this particular application attaches an XML tag with the backup which allows you to open your conversations in a web browser.

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Orange Backup v1.26 is Perfect for all your Backing-Up Needs

Orange Backup 1.26

You must be aware of the fact that Android smartphones are more likely to be attacked by malwares and viruses potentially putting all your important data at risk (please take a look at the antivirus application we reviewed to help you with that). While this is a major problem for Android users there are ways you can help prevent the ‘loss of data’ from happening. You could have a brilliant antivirus application installed or otherwise make sure that your data is always backed up and stored in a safe cloud storage. There is no need for alarm because there haven’t been many reported incidences where loss of data was the problem.

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ES File Explorer V3 Hits the Market; Brings Aesthetic Overhaul

ES File Explorer

If you are a hardcore android user chances are that you spend a lot of time snooping around the file system for which purpose you obviously need a file explorer. One of the many benefits to having a file explorer is the ability to shift around stuff wherever you want and the fact that you can manually install an APK. One of the first thing that you install in your android device is perhaps a file explorer and that brings us to the latest version of one of the more amazing file explorers available to android users called ES File Explorer which was only recently updated to the version 3.

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Keep a Record of your Time with Timesheet


If you are a busy person chances are that you keep a well-fed organizer with you to keep track of all your activities and things that you have to do. Frankly, keeping a manual around at all times can be a bit bothersome at times and you know better than anyone else that you need it. You will always have projects to deliver, deadlines to meet, expenses and business trips to keep track of and various other things and all of these activities require a lot of note-taking. Again, if you are a busy person, your secretary will not always be around you and you might not even have a secretary or an assistant for that matter.

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