Schedule your Tweets, SMS, Facebook Status and Gmail E-mail with Schemes


Remember those times when your best friend or some important member of the family has their birthday or some major event and you have to wish them but forget or fall asleep? Every person I know has been through a similar situation once in their lifetime and they have always wanted an application that would automatically send the intended person a message on your behalf at the time and date of your choosing. Well, that is entirely possible but it is not limited to only SMS with the application we have for you today.

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Swype Finally Lands on the Google Play Store


A touch screen phone without a keyboard is basically the most useless thing you will ever see. It is the most important part of communication without which the entire process is fairly impossible. That is the reason why so many applications are developed in order to help ease the process. How efficient you are with your keyboard on your cellphone will determine exactly how productive you can be (so to speak).

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Path Lets you Share with Only Those Closest to You


Facebook, as you already know, have turned into a very ‘social’ network. You can share stuff all you want and there are various privacy settings but that never takes your mind off of the fact that there are people there who you rather wouldn’t have yet you don’t have a choice because it is a social norm. Everybody you have ever known will be on your Facebook; old friends, acquaintances, friends of friends who have constantly been removed, ignored and added yet again. You cannot help it so it was about time a ‘social’ network would you up with people that are absolutely closest to you.

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ES File Explorer V3 Hits the Market; Brings Aesthetic Overhaul

ES File Explorer

If you are a hardcore android user chances are that you spend a lot of time snooping around the file system for which purpose you obviously need a file explorer. One of the many benefits to having a file explorer is the ability to shift around stuff wherever you want and the fact that you can manually install an APK. One of the first thing that you install in your android device is perhaps a file explorer and that brings us to the latest version of one of the more amazing file explorers available to android users called ES File Explorer which was only recently updated to the version 3.

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How To Install Facebook Home On Unsupported Rooted & Unrooted Android Devices

Facebook Home

Facebook Home is officially here, but unfortunately the app is not available to users outside of the U.S. and is supported by only a select few devices, including the Samsung GALAXY S4, GALAXY S3, HTC One, HTC One X, HTC One X+ and GALAXY Note II. If the phone you have isn’t supporting the newly released Facebook launcher for Android, have no fear as you can install and run Facebook Home on unsupported android devices as well and the workaround is insanely easy.

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Facebook Home For Android Officially Released On Google Play

Facebook Home cover feed

Facebook Home is now officially available to download on Google Play. Facebook Home is the mobile experience that puts your friends at the heart of your phone. From the moment you turn it on, you see a steady stream of friends’ posts and photos on your home screen. Upfront notifications and quick access to your essentials mean you’ll never miss a moment. And when you download Facebook Messenger, you can keep chatting with friends when you’re using other apps.

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The New ‘Facebook Home’ for Android Unveiled


Facebook Home was only recently announced at the company’s campus in California. Facebook Home is a host of Facebook applications that overhauls the entire experience on your phone’s homescreen and the lockscreen, constantly giving you updates on the activities of your friends no matter what they be. The good thing is that you will not need to open the application to view the activity and for the most part, not even unlock the phone, the bad thing however is that you will have ads.

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Facebook Breaking Privacy Laws

As reported by privacy commissioner at Canada, Facebook is breaking privacy laws by passing private information to application developers. The report says that the information given to users about privacy is always either incomplete or too confusing. In order to comply with Canada’s privacy laws Facebook needs to take much greater responsibility.

Privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart says

“It’s clear that privacy issues are top of mind for Facebook, and yet we found serious privacy gaps in the way the site operates,”

The investigation, prompted by a complaint from the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic, identified several areas where Facebook needs to better address privacy issues and bring its practices in line with Canadian privacy law.

Facebook has been seriously violating many of its terms and they have been reported by many renowned newspapers, publications and magazines.

Dawn a renowned newspaper at Pakistan says

You willingly post your personal and professional information, publish all the one hundred and six photos which you took at your annual dinner, and discuss the latest happenings in your college with all your friends. All this while, you may be totally oblivious to where this information is being stored and how it will be used.

The recent brouhaha surrounding Facebook and the way it changed its privacy policy, is by no means the only controversy which has enveloped this particular social networking service. Facebook has been the focus of quite a lot of criticism over the years. And yes, these concerns relate to privacy and privacy only.

the new conditions stated that Facebook would retain the information of its users, even if the users delete it from Facebook

Techcrunch also reported in 2007 that the source code of Facebook was leaked and was published on blogs. Facebook has become need of many of us and we even rely on Facebook for our businesses and simply can not stop using it. Some serious actions should be taken against Facebook so it may start acting responsible.

Update Facebook, Twitter & 40 Other Networks Via RSS Feed

It has become a need of a blogger to keep the fans of his blog updated via all the major social networks. The major ones being Twitter and Facebook. You can now easily update all of these using some free cool services.

Updating Twitter:

Twitter can be updated easily via a service called TwitterFeed. You just need to create an account, authorize it to your twitter id, provide it with your feed URL and yum it’s already feeding your twitter. Another cool thing about Twitterfeed is that it gives you real-time stats about your feed items too.

Updating Facebook Profiles, Pages and Other 40 Networks:

All of this can be done by using and TwitterFeed together. allows you to update statuses of 40 services at the same time. You only need to authorize all those networks to your account once and then you can easily update multiple networks via’s text field. The drawback to this service is that it only updates your statuses through text and not through RSS feed. This is where TwitterFeed comes to play. TwitterFeed, apart from feeding to Twitter also feeds to which then updates your statues on all those networks.

How to Proceed:

  1. Create your account for free here.
  2. You will be shown list of networks. Add the ones you like. I am adding Facebook Fan Pages to continue with the tutorial.
  3. Before can post to your Facebook fan page, you need to add the application to your Facebook account. Allow the access to application and provide it with the key.
  4. Now you need to add the app to fan page too to link it with the account. To do so click here. Select add to pages from the menu. Once you click on that a window will show you the pages you own. Select the ones you want to link to the
  5. After that you will need to grant some permissions which can be done here.
  6. Both the accounts are perfectly linked but your status still might not update if you haven’t allowed the application to post stories to your wall.  Edit application settings and make sure you have allowed “publish to streams” and “post stories to the wall”.
  7. You can test now if the status updates via by trying to update it through’s dashboard.
  8. If the status doesn’t update, please try troubleshoot the problem at’s support.
  9. If the status updates manually, you are all ready to automate it via TwitterFeed.
  10. Create a TwitterFeed account or sign in.
  11. Create new feed.
  12. Select in “Create feed to”.
  13. Provide your key.
  14. Provide it with the feed URL.
  15. Make sure to have same methods selected in both TwitterFeed and e.g both should be “Status updates” or both should be “Micro blogs” etc.
  16. Done. Have fun feeding all the social networks.

If you come across any problems, you can drop the comments here but I will highly recommend you to search about it their support.


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