Get the Google Now Sceneries on your Desktop with GoogleNowWallpaper


If you press and hold your home screen button (for most android devices) or otherwise open up Google Now, you will see a scenery right at the top of the screen which is basically synced with the time of day at whatever location you are at. To be honest, I am not a big fan of those sceneries because they look childish but of course everybody is entitled to their opinion. If you ever wondered if those images were available as wallpapers and ended scouting Google Images for hours with no results whatsoever, fear not because someone out there was awesome enough to come up with an application to set those images as full-scaled wallpapers.

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Now Playing BETA Brings Clean and Google-Like-Aesthetic Music Playing

Now Playing

With so many music applications out there, it is really hard to find the perfect one and none of them seems to satisfy a user completely for some reason. If it goes to give you all those high-end features, the lower end is completely ignored and let’s face it, no one even bothers downloading anything that focuses on the low-end. Google has done a real good job with the overall aesthetics of pretty much every application they launch onto the Google Play Store for users to play with. Now Playing, while still in the developing phase, has loads to offer and it follows similar aesthetics as Google so it’s also clean and pleasing to the eye.

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Google Play Store 4.0.25 APK for Android – Download Now


The Google Play Store app for Android phones and tablets running Android 2.2 (Froyo) has just been updated, and the all-new redesigned and improved interface looks quite refreshing, as it focuses on a simplistic and elegant design “and — most importantly — helps you find great entertainment, fast”. The card-based interface, which is similar to Google Now, is more sophisticated and minimal. We at Rewrite Tech think it is definitely an improvement, though.

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