Nova Launcher is not your Average Launcher and is a Touch of Class

Nova Launcher

In the Google Play Store, there are currently two versions available for this extremely awesome launcher for you android device. As always, one of these versions is free while the other will cost you around £2.60. The current free version is 2.0.2 while the paid version is at 1.1. Both of these versions are compatible with Android devices running OS 4.0 or higher. There are plenty of reasons for such a high requirement. This is not your average launcher and will offer way more features than usual.

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SuperBeam uses WiFi Direct to Transfer Files between Devices at Electric Speeds


Transferring files between android devices isn’t all the difficult using Bluetooth and all. But sometimes, there are instances when you are in need to transfer bigger files and Bluetooth can actually turn out to be really slow, moreover, it keeps you stationary (more or less) considering that in order to maintain the Bluetooth link you have to stay within a certain radius. There is a better and faster option for you to transfer files between your devices now and that better option is called SuperBeam which is a free application compatible with Android 4.0 and higher, and also available at the Google Play Store.

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NiLS Brings the Dismissable Notifications to Lock Screen

NiLS Notifications Lock Screen

If you are looking for a perfect widget to show your notifications to lock screen then this particular application might do wonders for you. However, if you are into a lot of privacy, then you might not want to use this application because whatever happens in your notification area will be shown on your lock screen and if someone picks it up, they can pretty much tell what you’re up to. But that’s for the paranoid. This particular application is available for free on the Google Play Store and requires android devices to run 4.0 or higher.

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Control All your Music with One Widget Using Media Utilities

Media Utilities

If you are into music and your android device serves as your primary music player then you must be aware of all the awesome applications available to play your music for you. Open the Google Play Store and search for Music Players and you will have a wide array of applications available to you for just that purpose with newer ones coming up every now and then. There are applications for your stored music, Google Music, online streaming and radio, you name it.

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How to Enable USB Debugging On Android Devices Running Android 2.x, ICS & JB

USB Debugging on Android 4.x

USB Debugging in Android is intended for development purposes only. You can use this development tool to copy data between your computer and your device, install applications on your device without notifications, and read log data. Not just that, it is also necessary for activities like rooting or installing custom ROMs on your device. Even if you are a non-developer, USB debugging will provide you with the level of freedom to access and control your device.

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Overlays Allows you to Float Widgets on Applications


The concept of floating applications when it comes to android is certainly not new and has been around for a while. You have note-taking applications that float around on your screen that allow you to take notes in a second, there are music controls floating all over your screen and then there are drawing applications as well. The developers did not have enough of the floating applications so the next thing logically was the widgets that complement the applications perfectly. Indeed, it is a better idea, instead of an application floating around, you have the tiny versions of them. They take lesser space and they are much less annoying.

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