Day by Day Brings Calendar and Google Tasks in One Place

Day by Day

If you are one of those users who basically use their devices as a personal organizer, indulging heavily in Google Tasks and Calendar then you might want to give this application a shot. It is called Day by Day and it has been developed by a member over at the prestigious XDA Forums.

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Todoist Is A ‘To-Do List’ App For iPhone, Android, Windows & Mac


If you are a procrastinator, this application will do you no good but if you like to make sure a task is done at the right time, read on. This application is available for free but it can go to around $29 per year depending on what you want to do with it. This particular application can keep your to-do list synced with different and several devices. There is a probability that you might not like this application because it is not for every single organized person out there. It is purposely built targeting a few features while others are completely ignored.

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