Google Introduces New Format for Adsense Units

Google has just announced revamped new look of three of their most popular ad units: 300*250, 336*280 and 728*90. Google says it has made this decision after a lot of analysis and user feedback. The new format will be more user and space friendly, more appealing to the eye and will generate a higher CTR. […]

Download/Run Live Android 0.2 for Desktops, Netbooks (Live CD/USB)

Google has recently released a computer version of android, which can be used in desktops, netbooks and laptops. All you need to do is download the ISO image, mount it on a CD and boot your system with that CD. No installations required, run it live like a portable application. Proceed in the following way: […]

Google accounts on twitter

Google has created accounts on twitter for all it’s services to keep the twitterers updated about the Google news. Google has mentioned all the accounts on their blog entry. – our central account – for Blogger fans – user tips & updates – news, tips, tricks on our visual image search […]

Recover Your GMail Password Via Cell-Phone Now

When it comes to cool features, Google is always at the lead. Google announces an another cool feature at its GMail blog that now you can recover your GMail passwords through your cell-phone. Just go through your password-recovery options and enter your cell phone number there. Next time you forget the pass just provide it […]

Google Launches "Free Images" Search

With the evolution of the blogging culture, the copyrights infringement increased proportionally. It became usual to use others’ images and text on your blog without explicit permission. With this Google came up with another innovative technology for the bloggers who might want to use the images yet comply with the rules. Google now presents you […]

Adsense for Iphone and Android Apps Launched

Google Adsense gets more innovative with beta launch of Adsense for mobile apps. Google now allows you to use Adsense in your mobile apps and earn revenue. All those who wish to apply must fulfill the following requirements: Min 100K daily pageviews Free apps only Android or iPhone app Ready to implement now, live within […]

Google Announces Chrome OS

Google has recently announced to release it’s own OS on their official blog. They said their basic focus will be on speed, simplicity and security. They intend to create an open-source light-weight operating system which targets the fun loving people who love to surf the web all day long. About the architecture and design Google […]

How to Use Adsense on Adsense Blocked/Blacklisted Sites

Everyone does mistakes but not everyone forgives them and Google falls in the less forgiving ones category. If you have got your website blocked or blacklisted for adsense by not complying with any of the adsense policies Google is not going to let you re-participate in their program with that specific site. No matter how […]