Google Introduces New Format for Adsense Units

Google has just announced revamped new look of three of their most popular ad units: 300*250, 336*280 and 728*90. Google says it has made this decision after a lot of analysis and user feedback. The new format will be more user and space friendly, more appealing to the eye and will generate a higher CTR. […]

Digg Patriots All Ready to Respond

On 5th of august, alternet published a story exposing a conservative group named “Digg Patriots” involved in massive censorship of political stories in form of Bury Brigade. The story pulled over 10,000 diggs, 2000 comments and shook everyone on the Digg. The amount of proof presented by alternet made everyone to believe on the existence […]

Check Sites in Different Resolutions Through a Website

Just right now, I with a friend of mine (waisybabu) was tweaking up his site ArtsyHANDS. After little tweaking here and there he introduced me to one of the most useful tools which is a necessity for all the designers and developers. The web application lets you view sites in different resolutions and you don’t […]

Case Conversion of Text with a Hotkey

Few days back I was reading a post on Technospot to convert case of the text by an online tool called CaseConverter. CaseConverter allows you to change case of text in to any of the formats like lower case, upper case, proper case etc. He also mentioned a software called Primitive Case Changer which is […]

Free Licenses Giveaway: RadioTracker, Download Free Legal Music

Being a musician and a tech blogger, I love to review music related applications and softwares. Few days back I reviewed “Guitar Rig” to convert your computer into full-fledged rock machine. Today I will be reviewing “RadioTracker” an award winning application by RapidSoultion, which allows you to download music legally. Before even downloading RadioTracker, I […]

5 Ways to Create a Million Backlinks Innovatively

When I talk about innovativeness, this is certain that I am not talking about stupid applications or spamming machines to increase your backlinks. While there are many reasons which make you rank good at search engines, what brings things in competition is the number of links to your site by other sites called backlinks. You […]

How To Access Deleted Web Pages – Internet Archive

I have just blogged about accessing deleted pages from Wikipedia but that’s just Wikipedia. Haven’t you ever needed something that has been deleted from your favorite blog? Here’s the solution to your problem Internet Archive: Wayback Machine. It archives regularly and you can find even the oldest of the pages. Google has also got a […]