Update Facebook, Twitter & 40 Other Networks Via RSS Feed

It has become a need of a blogger to keep the fans of his blog updated via all the major social networks. The major ones being Twitter and Facebook. You can now easily update all of these using some free cool services. Updating Twitter: Twitter can be updated easily via a service called TwitterFeed. You […]

How to Download or Embed Facebook Videos in Internet Explorer and Other Browsers

Lots of people share useful videos with their friends and families at Facebook. Whenever I found something useful and felt like sharing it at my blog I always wished if there was a way to embed it till Firefox based plug in came to play called “Facebook Videos“. The plug in lets you embed, convert […]

How to Use Adsense on Adsense Blocked/Blacklisted Sites

Everyone does mistakes but not everyone forgives them and Google falls in the less forgiving ones category. If you have got your website blocked or blacklisted for adsense by not complying with any of the adsense policies Google is not going to let you re-participate in their program with that specific site. No matter how […]