Not all of us are all there with managing our expenses. At times we throw our money away carelessly and when we actually need it we spend hours wondering where all of it went. There are times when you make a purchase and as soon as that thing is put in a bag, we wonder exactly why we bought it and those are the times you regret the most when you are running fast out of money. In order to manage our expenses, we need to keep a good balance between what is essential and what is not. There are many applications that you can download from the Play Store, but this particular one is a little unique.


The application is built around the concept of ‘Guilt’ as the name suggests. It is very easy to use. All you have to do is make a purchase in the real world and record it in this application and then associate a guilt level with it. Now, you will have to be honest here because that’s the entire point. How guilty did you feel about making that purchase is the main question you will need to answer. You can check your reports weekly or monthly however you fancy or even daily that is entirely up to you. You can check expense lists, which should list down the things you spent on per product or per day. You can access periodic reports that will produce daily, weekly and monthly report of your expenses including the guilt level you associated with those expenses. The overall summary will summarize all your spending into one colorful (brightly colored) screen. You can also export this data in order to make a database of sorts to see if you are actually improving or not. The application is available at Google Play Store for £1.26. There’s also a free version available for you to try.

The concept behind this application is pretty amazing and unique no doubt. It gives you a better insight into where you spent and how guilty you felt after spending so the next time you do it, you think about it more than once. Essentially, it is an application that will record your expenses. The development on this application can reach greater heights in a very short amount of time but as of now, it is not as feature rich as it can possibly be. What are your ideas on the application and how do you think it can be improved?

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