Keeping a record of all your dues and debts and account balances can turn out to be a big headache and that is where this little application will help you big time. Pageonce will let you keep snapshots of all your account balances including the upcoming bills that you have due. It will allow you to manage payments to different credit card companies, utility providers, lenders and landlords etc. Apart from general management of all these payments you can also choose to make these payments using the application. On top of everything else it does for you, this particular tool is absolutely free.


You can add as many accounts as you want using the plus button at the top of the screen. Add your savings, checking, investment accounts etc. and even connect with utility bill companies, insurance, internet services and other bills that might be due. These account balances will be updated once every day and you can also manually update the accounts as per your will. Whenever a payment is due date is near, the application will notify you. The main dashboard will allow you to see the cash available, bills due, payment due, credit card debts etc. which you can easily access with just a tap of the finger. You can view reports which should include your bill statements while a sub-section will let you see all your transaction giving your relief from trying to remember where those $20 went. You have access to pie charts and different tables organizing the information that you might need in order to track these expenses which should also help you save a little (or more, really depends on you). The main feature of this application is the ability to pay any bill if the company allows it of course. Setting up the accounts for payments might be a little difficult at start because it will require a lot of information from you but once that is done, making a payment should not be a problem.

This particular application is all set to produce your account balances at the touch of a finger. It will notify you if a due date is nearing which can come in very handy because not all of us can remember so many details with other stuff going on in our heads. This little application can save you from a lot of arrears and surcharges so we recommend that you try it if you, in fact, are hit with many surcharges because you miss that one due date.

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